3D Augmented reality projection software.

The power of RefleXion 360 real time environments will on full display this summer at the premiere Toronto art and music experience known as Fairland Funhouse.  We are extremely proud and excited to bring RefleXion augmented environment system to the Fairland Funhouse project where it will be powering the interactive projections environment in the main ballroom concert space.  Spread across 6 HD video projections and wrapping the room in a beautiful and dynamic interactive under water scene.

For the up coming musical POP by Huge Picture Productions we used a prototype Reflexion build to create some of the projected backgrounds during filming.  This is just one of many creative uses possible with refleXion our new augmented reality projection system.  Using the realtime 3d projection mapping we were able to position the background digital set piece with the ideal camera angle to match  the real world live shot.  This has implications for live effects on stage as well as for effects pre viz and post compositing.

Seen here is a real time 3D Volcano scene live in refleXion being projection mapped onto a pyramid via Resolume Arena

Our first night out with RefleXion in pre Alpha state . Controls were shaky but the reviews were rave.  Vj Guy mixed a stylish 3d scene with abstract audio reactive shapes and simple scenery pieces that we flew around and explored while he mixed in video and effects from Resolume.