refleXion Alpha Sessions LIVE!

Last Wednesday we ran the first of our live Alpha sessions . A live test of the system featuring two 1hr Psytrance DJ sets by DJ Black Amber and DJ Tommy Plan B. DJs and VJs Streamed live from their homes into our 3D world and rebroadcast by the refleXion virtual production app on a resolume media server. Follow @reflexionvirtual on Twitch to interact with the scene live using our secret chat commands.

This Wednesday ! Why Not?

Wack Monster Interactive and LIVEVIDEOART are proud to present refleXion Virtual Venues. We have created a whole new way to experience and interact with live entertainment online. We are in a closed beta testing phase and starting to schedule live shows in our digital online stages.

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It’s summer 2020 and we can’t go out and play together !

Ya,,, This sucks doesn’t it?

Your friends at Wack Monster feel ya and we have been coming up with ways to help make it better and bring us all together using our technology and creativity in new exciting ways . Last month we did a first of its kind live streaming broadcast of 2 DJ sets from multiple locations integrated into our real time visuals tools and mixed on the LVA 360 resolume Media server. We are really excited about how this project is shaping up and that we can bring you a similar and even more enhanced version of our real world projection experiences but in the comfort and safety of your home.

After this current lockdown situation has passed we know that this will still be a really great way to have long distance gatherings and connect artists and fans around the world as well as a possible promotional compliment to real world events and locations. We can see a world where live event visuals are powered by reflexion and during the live event we also have refleXion virtual online for people from anywhere to get a interactive and immersive slice view of the show.

refleXion Virtual Venues are here and will teleport you into an incredible world of live reactive and interactive visuals for live performances of all kinds .
Watch this part of our show from the live Alpha test when we reveal a sneak peak of what refleXion Virtual venues can do.

refleXion Launch event after movie

Check out this video from our launch event last year at The Funhouse Toronto and see the immersive and interactive underwater ballroom projection effects we created for this one of kind pop up exploratory art experience. We are working on a case study video of the project that will showcase some of the leading edge live visual technology we are building for our clients and our own shows and proprietary products.

refleXion launch press release event !


For immediate release: August 19, 2019 

Media Advisory

New Spatial Augmented Reality System Enters Toronto Tech Stream

Launching this month, refleXion, brings its unique visual display technology 

to the city’s latest pop-up event space

Toronto, ONT, 08/19/2019 — There must be something in the water. How else can you explain the magical visual-effects on display at Toronto’s Funhouse? Deep under the surface of the pop-up venue’s 3rd floor Underwater Ballroom lies a new innovation in multi user visual technology. 

Designed as a tool suite and control system for show designers, artists, marketers and moment-makers, refleXion is launching as a spatial augmented reality experience that enables real-time customization of event visuals like projection mapping, LED displays and lighting systems. The applications are as endless as the ocean is blue – from interactive concerts to live presentations, pre-set visual activations or cumulatively generated curations – the goal is to have a completely unique user-influenced experience with multiple points of interaction to explore. The reactions are environment-based and evolve and project in real-time on immersive visual surfaces. 

With collective backgrounds in UX design, software/game development, digital art and live production, partners Scott Guy and David Boon of Wack Monster Interactive have created the refleXion system out of their desire to enable easy, interesting ways to animate visual experiences. Interacting with 3D-graphics in real-time offers an advanced sense of connectivity between the audience and the live show. Scott, also founder of LiveVideoArt (LVA), a full-service event-visuals and system-controls partner, knows the limitations of current market offerings first-hand.

“As an end-user, the goal was to have a creative 3D tool suite for 

building reactive visuals and offer complete control of the scene in

real-time with an easy to use interface – it’s an empowering way to take

your control system to the next level without re-inventing the

wheel for every unique application,” says Scott.

LVA, in partnership with Wack Monster, has deployed refleXion to the public for their latest project in creating a 360° ‘Underwater Ballroom’ at The Funhouse Toronto. The space is setup with AR projection-mapping capabilities, interactive elements, music automation and motion-activated scene changes, powered by a custom media server system. refleXion is the AI feuling the animations housed-within, the brains behind the crowd-reactive deep-sea environment. The scenes are filled with schools of fish, seahorses and manta rays, fully-automated with motions that never repeat. Each scene and moment is as unique as the audience witnessing it, and they are encouraged to participate, explore and be surprised with what they uncover along the way. 

“The Funhouse is where refleXion truly came to life, where it really

began to swim with an intended ‘mind-of-its-own’. The real-time

capabilities of this software allow the visual elements to act independently 

or be influenced by multiple users. It also gives control to a single-user 

or the whole audience, depending on your desired result. It reacts to a 

custom combination of sound, motion, environmental elements and other-users, 

so it becomes a living world open for each person to discover.”

refleXion is on display at The Funhouse, 101 Lisgar St, during regular operating hours, 3rd floor in the Underwater Ballroom. A special invite-only software launch party will be held September 18, 2019 at The Funhouse. There, creators Scott and David will present key features, entertain with live demos, discuss development and have a Q & A followed by an interactive performance. 

For an invite or for interviews, write to  

About Wack Monster Interactive (WMI):

Founded by creative technologists Scott Guy and David Boon, WMI is a Toronto start-up creating interactive 3D software, games and tools for spatial augmented reality. 

About LiveVideoArt (LVA):

Servicing the entertainment, marketing and tech sectors, LVA designs live visual experiences and builds media server configurations and show-control systems to power high-end projects including multi-projection mapping displays.

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Mandy Leon 


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Reflexion Prototype going Live Summer 2019

The power of RefleXion 360 real time environments will on full display this summer  (DELAYED UNTIL 2019) at the premiere Toronto art and music experience known as Fairland Funhouse.  We are extremely proud and excited to bring RefleXion augmented environment system to the Fairland Funhouse project where it will be powering the interactive projections environment in the main ballroom concert space.  Spread across 6 HD video projections and wrapping the room in a beautiful and dynamic interactive under water scene.

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Who are we ? :  Two wack Mons. David Boon and Scott Guy of Toronto Canada.

What do we do ? : We provide technical and software solutions to the digital media entertainment and marketing sectors as well as develop content and publish our own series of software titles .

When ? : We started in 2017 on our first Game designs but Founded in 2018 and presently in progress on two projects. We have a schedule of live events an public installations TBA that  feature our tech and we are working on setting a release date for our first self published title.

Where ? : Based in Toronto, Canada and serving clients across Canada and abroad. Set up to work remotely and travel if needed to deploy our bespoke solutions .

Why ? :  A goal to use our best skills to create valuable solutions and products we  try to have fun and offer something entertaining as well.  They say Laughter is the best medicine and we know how powerful and valuable a well crafted entertainment product can be, so we founded Wack Monster to offer development services and publish our own products on our terms.  Our team has wide cross sections of skills and experience in software and practical systems development. A heavy focus on user experience pushes us to make highly useful tools and engaging experiences . Our love of games of many types drives us to make our own series of games or other digital entertainment products.

How ?  :  Based in Toronto we currently work from our home offices. Using a multitude of complimenting skills between the 2 man team spanning the development and design process. We have weekly meetings and utilize project management tools to stay organized. Nearly 40 years combined experience in related fields holding mid and lead level positions .

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