It’s summer 2020 and we can’t go out and play together !

Ya,,, This sucks doesn’t it?

Your friends at Wack Monster feel ya and we have been coming up with ways to help make it better and bring us all together using our technology and creativity in new exciting ways . Last month we did a first of its kind live streaming broadcast of 2 DJ sets from multiple locations integrated into our real time visuals tools and mixed on the LVA 360 resolume Media server. We are really excited about how this project is shaping up and that we can bring you a similar and even more enhanced version of our real world projection experiences but in the comfort and safety of your home.

After this current lockdown situation has passed we know that this will still be a really great way to have long distance gatherings and connect artists and fans around the world as well as a possible promotional compliment to real world events and locations. We can see a world where live event visuals are powered by reflexion and during the live event we also have refleXion virtual online for people from anywhere to get a interactive and immersive slice view of the show.

refleXion Virtual Venues are here and will teleport you into an incredible world of live reactive and interactive visuals for live performances of all kinds .
Watch this part of our show from the live Alpha test when we reveal a sneak peak of what refleXion Virtual venues can do.

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