Who are we ? :  Two wack Mons. David Boon and Scott Guy of Toronto Canada.

What do we do ? : We provide technical and software solutions to the digital media entertainment and marketing sectors as well as develop content and publish our own series of software titles .

When ? : We started in 2017 on our first Game designs but Founded in 2018 and presently in progress on two projects. We have a schedule of live events an public installations TBA that  feature our tech and we are working on setting a release date for our first self published title.

Where ? : Based in Toronto, Canada and serving clients across Canada and abroad. Set up to work remotely and travel if needed to deploy our bespoke solutions .

Why ? :  A goal to use our best skills to create valuable solutions and products we  try to have fun and offer something entertaining as well.  They say Laughter is the best medicine and we know how powerful and valuable a well crafted entertainment product can be, so we founded Wack Monster to offer development services and publish our own products on our terms.  Our team has wide cross sections of skills and experience in software and practical systems development. A heavy focus on user experience pushes us to make highly useful tools and engaging experiences . Our love of games of many types drives us to make our own series of games or other digital entertainment products.

How ?  :  Based in Toronto we currently work from our home offices. Using a multitude of complimenting skills between the 2 man team spanning the development and design process. We have weekly meetings and utilize project management tools to stay organized. Nearly 40 years combined experience in related fields holding mid and lead level positions .

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